YOU are the System – 7 Takeaways for February 14, 2021

A couple of quick recommendations from my approach to reading/saving/note-taking: Even though I stopped using it for time-management, Evernote remains a great way to save both notes and complete articles that I want to refer to later without worrying that they’ll disappear online. It also saves “simplified” (i.e., no ads, no fluff) versions if it … Read more

The 10% Cut – 7 Takeaways for January 31, 2021

Isn’t that the way? Moments after completing last week’s 7 Takeaways, I’m watching a video and — boom — the first takeaway of the next week. A few minutes later — boom — number two. Put yourself in front of good content. And pay attention. 1. “Repetition is [indistinguishable] from truth” Marketing Lessons with Jack … Read more

Talking Too Much is Your Ego Desperately Wanting Love – 7 Takeaways for January 17, 2021

It’s been interesting to recognize certain themes and events in my life reflected in my reading. As mentioned in my final takeaway this week, stoicism and similar philosophies show up in unexpected places more often than I’d expect. I can’t say that’s a reflection of my reading choices, at least not intentionally. Unlike “how to … Read more

“Introspection is hard right now” – 7 Takeaways for December 21, 2020

Obviously I’m still playing with format. I’ve decided to highlight the actual takeaway over the source, for example. And playing with the title, which will become the email subject line. A couple of observations this second week in: many of my sources are on Medium, and even there, there seem to be authors and publications … Read more