When I was young I was a voracious reader. Lots and lots of books passed through my fingers. Once I discovered fantasy and science fiction the pace only increased. Being a socially awkward only child gave me lots of time to myself, and reading was one of the activities I thrived on.

At one point during my Microsoft career a manager turned me on to self-help and growth literature, and I was once again an avid consumer.

Fast forward and things have changed. I’m not the reader I once was.

I’m changing that.

Collecting takeaways

I’ve resolved to read something of substance each day — a chapter, an article, whatever — and identify one idea to “take away”. That takeaway, and my reflection on it, gets saved here on 7 Takeaways.

Each week I publish that week’s collection on the site, and send it out in email.

I don’t claim to be a great creator, but those that are share at least one common characteristic: they consume a lot of information. They read, they watch, they listen to a wide variety of topics that interest them.

I’ll bring you along for the ride.

What’s covered?

The things I read are far-ranging and eclectic.

Entrepreneurial items. Self improvement. Writing better. Time management. Marketing. Basically, anything that will help me to continue to grow my business.

Philosophy. Becoming a better person (whatever that might mean). Aging. Society. Perhaps even light touches on politics & current events.

Don’t be surprised if Corgis are mentioned occasionally as well.


You can see the archive of everything posted so far right here.

I hope you’ll subscribe and join me.

Leo Notenboom

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