In addition to my reading list, where takeaways often come from, I’m slowly building a list of various sources I use to surface items I run across as part of 7 Takeaways. Sometimes these contain the takeaways themselves, but often they’re also curation newsletters that point me to random locations across the internet where I find more good stuff.

Rather that try to be comprehensive from the get-go, I’m adding one source each week.

1440 is a daily newsletter that aims to share “All of your news, none of the bias”. I regularly find interesting items for 7 Takeaways, and occasionally Not All News Is Bad.

The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker “is about creativity, work, and staying human.” As its title implies, it touches often on noticing what’s around us. He has a book by the same name.

Collab Blog – A blog by Morgan Housel, a principal in an investment firm, Collab Fund. The blog is rarely about investment and more about life, philosophy, and interesting advice.

Sahil Bloom’s Curiosity Chronicle newsletter – There are a lot of “build a high-performing, healthy, wealthy life” newsletters out there, but this has been a good source of practical, actionable information.

Arthur C. Brooks – (How to Build a Life, at The Atlantic) – Honestly, this has justified my subscription to The Atlantic several times over. (Though even without, I’m finding it a valuable publication.) You may also recognize Brooks from a book I sometimes reference: “From Strength to Strength: Finding Success, Happiness, and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life”.

deepculture – “We send you 10 interesting things every Tuesday. It’s a quick read, interesting, useful and fun to read. If you have a curious mind, it’s the perfect newsletter for you.”

Unfiltered by Tim Denning – Occasionally Denning pushes my button with over-simplistic tripe (for lack of a better term), by clickbaity headlines, or by pushing his courses a too hard. On the other hand he he sticks the landing often enough to with fascinating insights across a wide variety of topics that I stay subscribed.

Everything Is Bullshit – “Poking holes in the stories we tell ourselves” by David Pinsof. – I love the contrarian investigation into to so many things we take for granted.

The Imperfectionist – Oliver Burkeman, the author of Four Thousand Weeks: “twice-monthly email on productivity, mortality, the power of limits, and building a meaningful life in an age of

Austin Kleon’s newsletter – “Weekly art, writing, and creative inspiration from the author of Steal Like an Artist and other bestsellers.”

The Marginalian – A twice weekly newsletter from Maria Popova. “Reflections spanning art, science, poetry, philosophy, and other tendrils of our search for truth, beauty, meaning, and creative vitality.” (Formerly known as Brain Pickings.) This week’s first takeaway comes from The Marginalian.

Trevor McKendrick’s Newsletter – “Includes the most interesting things I read & find for that week.” Sounds familiar.

Nir and Far newsletter – Nir Eyal, the author of Indistractable. Research shared from user experience design, behavioral economics, and neuroscience.

Not Boring newsletter by Packy McCormick. “Not Boring is the most fun way to learn about what’s going on in business and the strategy behind the decisions companies make.” I find it often covers items of interest outside of business.

Obsidian Iceberg – Eleanor Konik – “My goal with this newsletter is that sharing some pieces of that will help folks like you learn interesting things that help make your life better — even just by giving you something interesting to talk about at your next party ;)” I subscibed for the advice on the Obsidian note taking app, and stayed for everything else.

David Perell – Three newsletters, including “a distilled email of the coolest things I learn and find each week”, his own personal essays, and writing advice.

Recommendo – “6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff.”

Tedium – “An offbeat digital newsletter” by Ernie Smith. An eclectic blog/publication covering a wide range of topics and interests, ranging from history to current events, mostly centered around technology and its impact.

Saturday Letters by John P. Weiss. “… a writer, artist, and former police chief with twenty-six years of law enforcement experience.” I’m not sure how I came across him, but his weekly essays have been particularly thought provoking.

Walkabout Saga is a blog by writer Julia Hubbel. She writes often on aging, and adventure travel while aging, and staying healthy while aging. Her essays are always thought provoking.

Why is this interesting? – “A daily newsletter for the intellectually omnivorous, from Noah Brier & Colin Nagy.” Topics tend to span quite the range.