Paywalls and Otherwise Inaccessible Content

My reading takes me across many, many different sources of information, some of which I pay for. When I can I try to link to free versions of content, but that's not always possible.

In the case of sites that throw up paywalls after a certain number of free views, there are sometimes workarounds.

  1. Open the link using a different browser. Most free view tracking is done using cookies, and those are separate for each browser you use. For example, if you use Chrome, try Firefox (or Edge, or Opera, or any of a zillion different browsers) and you’ll often get a new set of free views. This doesn’t always work, but it works often enough to be useful.
  2. Open the link using “in private” or “incognito” mode. Same idea: incognito browsing doesn’t save cookies, so when you fire it up you’re starting with a clean slate. Same caveat: this doesn’t always work, but it works often enough to be useful.
  3. Search for keywords taken from the title or quote to find an alternate source you can access. This is how I sometimes find alternate sources myself when I encounter this problem over on Not All News is Bad.

Of course, the ultimate solution is to purchase a subscription to the online source I've referenced or purchase the book I'm quoting, but I totally get that's simply not practical for most.

Depending on where you're located you may also encounter content that's geofenced -- accessible only in certain places, and I happen to be in one of those places. I don't really have a good way to predict when this will happen.

Not All News is Bad runs into this problem a little more frequently, so perhaps some additional ideas over there might also be helpful.

My apologies if I end up with a takeaway that you are ultimately unable to access.