The Banana Bread of Omicron — 7 Takeaways No. 58

Banana Bread

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1. "The real problem with any commitment to rationality is that most people aren’t."

Thinking About Negative People – David Gerrold – (Patreon)

I apologize that the full post is locked to Gerrold’s patrons only, but it struck a strong chord with me. More fully:

I have to acknowledge that the real problem with any commitment to rationality is that most people aren’t. It doesn’t matter how strong the evidence is, how profound the logic might be, how compelling the argument — people who are invested in their emotional view will simply not hear it, will not budge from their emotional conviction. Discussions with such people are an exercise in futility.

That’s a stark realization that’s easy to lose sight of. Every time I remember it, and yet so often I find myself in "discussion" with someone for whom no amount of evidence will do. Once I realize the futility, I can move on.

Do this: Recognize futility and walk away.

2. "You’re never too old to do anything."

The Profile Dossier: Betty White, Hollywood’s Beloved Golden Girl – Polina Pompliano – (The Profile)

The quote, of course, is Betty White. The profile is a great collection of information and links to interviews and more about her life. I know a lot has been said and published about Betty over the last few weeks, but this is perhaps the best collection I’ve run across. It’s inspirational even without clicking the links to the source material.

Do this: Quoting Betty: "Enjoy life. Accentuate the positive, not the negative. It sounds so trite, but a lot of people will pick out something to complain about, rather than say, ‘Hey, that was great!’ It’s not hard to find great stuff if you look."

3. "everyone becoming a teacher"

The 4 Identities of a Teacher: Reporter, Expert, Mentor, Role Model – Tiago Forte – (blog)

As the title suggests, the blog posts breaks down four stages that some would consider teaching (it’s an interpretation and commentary on a topic originally outlined by Brendon Bruchard).

While that’s interesting, of more impact to me was the acknowledgement that:

We’ve long understood that in today’s world, everyone has become a lifelong learner. What I think is less appreciated is that many of us therefore have to become lifelong teachers.

We spend a lot of time learning, and learning how to learn, but how many of us learn how to teach?

Do this: think about the things in which you are experienced and well versed. How might you go about teaching or sharing that knowledge with others?

4. "the banana bread of Omicron"

Formats Unpacked: Wordle – Hugh Garry – (Formats Unpacked blog)

I’ll admit it. I fell to its lure and have now started playing this daily. What I find interesting is its simplicity and "stickiness" for lack of a better term.

It’s created conversations about a nice thing, done in a nice way, in a space (Twitter) that used to be nice but forgot how to be nice.

Do this: if you’re at all curious what it’s all about, this short write up will describe (unpack) the game, and then discuss some of its characteristics.

5. "The opposite of love isn’t hate – it’s selfishness."

It’s Time To Make Anti-Vaxxers Pay for Crashing Our Health Services – Jared A. Brock – (Surviving Tomorrow Medium/blog)

Provocative. Without a doubt. But once again something to make us think. And yes, he addresses legitimate exceptions and the "yeah, but…" crowd as well.

If you refuse the vaccine and get Covid, you have to pay for hospitalization. No vaccine passports, no forced vaccines, no drama, no judgment, no digital bickering. Welcome to the Covid-19 Personal Responsibility Mandate.

Honestly, I could support this.

Do this: Don’t be selfish.

6. "culture is dominated by what gets attention"

6 Things People Should Give Fewer Fucks About – Mark Manson – (Medium)

Another provocative essay. And definitely not some of the items you might expect.

  1. Mass Shootings and Terrorism
  2. Saving the Children
  3. Steroids
  4. Artificial Intelligence Killing People
  5. Sexually-Transmitted Infections
  6. Trump

As I said, provocative. And, once again, not something to just blindly accept, but rather something to consider — something to think about.

I’ll happily admit that I have a hard time letting go of some of those — but the arguments presented are still worth understanding and considering.

Do this: distribute your fucks with care.

7. "Time to get our groove back."

How To Build a Daily Writing Habit – Ann Handley – (Blog, via For the Interested)

This is something I’ve struggled with for years. Be it journaling, daily writing, just anything that forces deliberate practice on a daily basis. (Contrary to popular opinion I don’t write Ask Leo! every single day — it tends to bunch up early in the week.)

This has some interesting alternate takes on techniques to make it more of an enjoyable exercise, and less of a slog.

Do this: I’ve mentioned before that I think most people should be writing or journaling daily. It’s something I wish I’d started when I was younger, for a variety of reasons.

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