A peaceful beach setting under a clear, serene sky. The beach is quiet and pristine, with soft golden sands stretching towards a calm, azure sea. The gentle lapping of waves provides a soothing background. In this tranquil scene, an older man with a serene, content expression sits on a wooden bench, placed on the beach, facing the sea. He is dressed casually, suitable for the beach environment, and he seems completely at ease, fully immersed in observing his surroundings. His gaze suggests a deep appreciation for the beauty of the moment, embodying a sense of peace and mindfulness.

Judge Less, Observe More – 7 Takeaways No. 167

Another wide range of topics this week: Facts is facts, Adulting, Over-sensitive Triggering, Complaining, Working hard, Using summer vacation wisely, and Simplifying life. And a Corgi link, too.