Catching Falling Memories – 7 Takeaways No. 182

Limitations often shouldn't. Doing bold things. Memories. Self-knowledge increases over time. Interest and debt. Intellectual obesity. The only way to change a mind.

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1. “It’s time for you to buy a bigger bowl.”

But What If You’re Wrong? – (The Best Leadership Newsletter Ever)

On one hand, this feels like a standard motivational piece arguing against your self-limiting beliefs and fears, but that doesn’t do it justice. I was drawn to the imagery and metaphors used to illustrate the assorted comments.

So take a deep breath and dive into the deep end of your dreams.
Get off the couch.
Get out of your comfort zone.
Take a chance today.
Face the fire.

Time won’t wait for you to be ready.

People regularly underestimate what they’re capable of, and overestimate the time they have left. And of course “Life has a way of getting in the way.”

Do this: Dive in.

#limiting-beliefs #fear #time

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2. “Holy Sh*t, I gotta get moving.”

Am I too old for this? – Khe Hy  – (RadReads newsletter)

What spoke to me was a graph included in this article showing the decline of the “Likelihood of doing bold things” over age. It brings into focus how so often we stop doing things, especially new things, as we age.

And yet, to quote the adage:

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.

That applies equally well to anything we’ve been putting off. Yes, it would have been better some number of years ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible now.

Do this: Plant your tree.


3. “Catching falling memories has become a way of life.”

At 102, my grandfather’s memory is fading. Coffee keeps us connected. (gift link) – Marian Chia-Ming Liu – (Washington Post)

The beauty of that sentence caught my attention. It’s a wonderful metaphor.

The author describes her father, their visits, and the reality that is his declining memory. It’ll speak to many who’ve been through similar situations, including me.

None of us knows where these thoughts come from … My cousin wonders if Grandpa’s heavy news-watching and frequent naps blend reality and dreams together.

This mirrors a thought I had while my father was in decline. The stories he would tell me often seemed a combination of reality, memory, and perhaps memories of recent dreams.

Do this: Catch falling memories before they’re lost.

#aging #memory

4. “More and more attack surfaces for the feeling of regret.”

My favorite thing about getting older – Kasra – (Bits of Wonder)

The “favorite thing” is that “your self-knowledge only ever increases”. As we get older, intentionally or otherwise, we learn more and more about ourselves and our relationship to the world.

Time is the best antidote to all our attempts at self-deception

While it’s not always true — I’m sure we all know older individuals still holding a horrifically wrong perspective of themselves — by and large, it’s true. Particularly if it’s intentional.

With that self-knowledge comes not only wisdom, but a greater sense of peace.

Do this: Know thyself.

#aging #self-knowledge

5. “Interest is immoral for all sorts of reasons”

Countries Around the World Are Collapsing And It’s All Happening for the Same Reason – Jared A. Brock – (Medium)

Brock’s an extreme, and extremely thought provoking, writer. I certainly don’t agree with every position he takes, but in taking them, he makes me think.

The “reason” his title implies is simple: debt.

Voters get all worked up about Israel vs Palestine and black vs white and gay vs trans, but at the end of the day, we should all unite in fury at the fact that Americans will be forced to pay more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS IN INTEREST to predator creditors this year.

I don’t think that’s meant to minimize the issues that people get worked about, but to bring attention to something Brock believes we should get worked up about as well. And to be clear, it’s not just the United States, this is a global issue.

Do this: Avoid debt. Period. One small step: pay off those credit cards completely, every month.


6. “The easiest strong emotion to evoke is outrage”

The Intellectual Obesity Crisis – Gurwinder – (Substack)

The premise is that it’s not just that there’s an overabundance of information, but that we’re consuming too much of it. And of the wrong kind.

low-quality information is just as effective at satisfying our information-cravings as high-quality information

And, of course, low-quality information is much easier to generate, much easier to consume, and just as sating.

Do this: “pay attention to what you’re paying attention to.”

#attention #information

7. “Persuasion is no longer the goal—it’s signaling”

It’s Not Enough to Be Right–You Also Have to Be Kind – Ryan Holiday – (Medium)

The takeaway above is something I’ve thought about a lot in recent years. So many posts, arguments, discussions, etc. aren’t at all about trying to change anyone’s mind. They’re about virtue signaling to our tribe. Most are just about making sure others understand that we’re thinking the “right” way.

I thought if I was just overwhelmingly right enough, people would listen. If I humiliated my opponent, they would have to admit I was right and they were wrong.

If we really want to make a difference, it takes something more.

If you can’t be kind, if you won’t empathize, then you’re not on the team. That team is Team Humanity, where we are all in this thing together.

If we really want to make a difference, instigate change, change minds, or make a difference, it all starts with kindness. Even for “those” people.

Do this: Be kind.


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